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The Emergent Curriculum approach is the basis of our program at Play and Grow.  As such, our educators plan developmentally appropriate, play-based activities to provide meaningful experiences derived from the children’s interests as well as incorporating their individual needs and abilities.


Children are naturally curious individuals. It is important to provide rich and meaningful experiences to allow children to inquire, think and problem solve.  At Play and Grow we strive to provide activities which encourage children to ask questions about the world around them as our educators facilitate the learning process.


Children develop oral language skills which assist them in becoming effective communicators.  Our educators provide a wide range of activities and experiences to develop early literacy skills through the use of both large and small group activities.


All children are born moving!  Children should be free to explore their own environment.  Through our outdoor play, music and movement activities children will receive many opportunities to further develop their fine and gross motor skills.


Children learn important social skills through interaction with their peers and educators in their room. Our educators model acceptable social behaviour providing them with many opportunities to interact with one another.  Consistent rules and routines are practiced which creates a predictable and secure environment where all children are respected and appreciated.

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